the children dispersed, forming clusters, each assembly receiving the other with closed arms and minds, rejecting and mocking what they are unaware of.

I've gone by these names in the past, if for some reason you find me familiar:

Now on DVD

Now on DVD


SuikaCraft Roleplay server updates for week of 16 March 2014.

This week we’ve overhauled the brewery system to remove the kinks and get all drinks working to their fullest!  We’ve added in several new shopkeepers including a full flower shop in Hithe-upon-Wych.  Also, in the River Wych there is now a firework barge that sets off a show after dusk every night!  All tools and gear sold by vendors now have enchantments.  We’ve found that our players find the resource vendors such the the woodcutters very useful, so we plan to keep adding in more shopkeepers when we think of ideas!  Come by town and get your supplies or just watch the fireworks when you connect to at!


SuikaCraft Roleplay server builds as of 07 March 2014.

From top to bottom, the works of:
yurisuika :: 1-4
Nron :: 5
desbutt + sirknight94 :: 6-7
Scyth118 :: 8
mal_wilson :: 9-10

After a harsh winter, the snow and ice thawed and spring brought a number of new builds as well as green leaves!  Many are still works in progress, but it looks like we have some wonderful architects around the lands of Suika.  Of course, all are done in survival (and even with no natural regeneration)!  If you’d like to join in on the building, take a look at and find your canvas to paint on when you travel to in Minecraft!


SuikaCraft Roleplay server builds as of 04 March 2014.

From top to bottom, the works of:
mal_wilson :: 1-4
sirknight94 :: 5-7
desbutt :: 8-9
Nron :: 10

As the seasons moved from summer to autumn, a few players have already taken to settling down in the vast lands of Suika… we will see how they do when it turns to winter!  More merchants and shopkeepers have taken residence in the villages and hamlets of spawn as well, ensuring you always have a way to get that item you need.  Take a look at the dynmap at and find a spot to build yourself when you connect to today!

rangerlab said: So, in SuikaCraft, could I possibly build a town/start a kingdom?

Yes!  Building is the aim in SuikaCraft, so you are more than welcome to start a town!  We can even connect your town to spawn via road.

On a side note, it seems everything has gone wrong today, from MineOS failing, to the actually OS failing, and now to the backups failing, so we are working it out but all will be alright.  Hopefully in a few hours we should have everything fixed.  I blame SSH!

foazy said: Is there something going on with the server? I can't seem to connect, and I'm not sure if it's just my computer. Sorry to bother!

Yes there is!  It seems the one error earlier has compounded to even corrupt the OS, so we are doing a fresh install (don’t worry, everything is backed up)!  This time I’ll keep the packages to a minimum.

EDIT: Progress…  OS installed…  Packages and scripts installed….  Mumble server running…  Server archive is transferring via SSH!

We are an architecture based roleplay server with lots of immersive features and plugins. Our terrain is done by custom server generation to suit a northerly atmosphere. Come by and have some absinthe!

As a Bukkit server currently running on 1.7.2, we have a variety of plugins to add to your experience, while still giving a survival aspect to the server.  Learn the art of brewing, distilling, and ageing alcoholic beverages!  Watch the seasons change along with the weather!  Sit in chairs, lounge on a sofa, or park yourself on a bench!  Use bookshelves for actually storing books, maps, and records!





I dearly apologise for the delay, MineOS was giving lots of trouble, but it is back up and running!  Testing is extended to 1 pm PST, after which we shall open for all!

Apologies for the downtime if you were testing!  Apparently doing a manual backup via SSH caused MineOS to unlink the server folder from the list of servers it has, so I need to archive the folder and then import it back in.  I shouldn’t take much longer…

As a reminder to anyone who requested to test the server, come on between 10:00 and 12:00 PST (18:00 to 20:00 UTC).  Afterwards, the server will be open for all!

littleadascorner said: I've got connection to the SuikaCraft server, and it says running 1.7.2, I'm assuming I'll have to downgrade my Minecraft version?

1.7.2 Bukkit servers are compatible with the 1.7.5 client!  If you use 1.7.4 for Optifine or such you can connect as well, or even if you use 1.7.2 for Forge like I do~

foazy said: Hello there! Is it a requirement to use the mumble while on the server? I'm a bit nervous and shy, and not too sure on how to use mumble. And is it okay to be there at 2:30 PM (EST)? I hope that's not too late during testing to participate! Sorry to bother you with my silly worries. Thank you very much!

I’ll answer this publicly so others know, but Mumble is not necessary to play!  For testing tomorrow, it would help, but using the in game chat is not a problem.  Also, I recommend using the MumbleLink mod for positional audio, but it is by no means required.  If anyone needs help connecting with Mumble, feel free to ask!

And yes, that is fine~